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Original Music "Say It" by J Dilla, from album "Jay Love Japan"
Lyrics by Sparkle Motion


More hits than a meteor shower
Keep ya ears open,
It's the woman of the hour/

flowing throughout cha speakers
class sit down cause here is the teacher/

I'll be the leader in this new school,
the best selection outta my entire gene pool/

Swimming with big fish,
I am the main cat
Call me steamroller 'cause I can lay the tracks flat/

No need to wonder 'cause your Wonder Woman's right here,
Winning ever war because the chick was born without fear

Going to the top of ya playlist
Don't deny you like it,
Know you feeling every word of this

Vocally abuse it
Like a drug addict,
'cause every single day I gotta use it/

You gotta have it,
reach out and grab it
Reflex rhythm gotta ya hooked
It's automatic/

Put me in the middle, baby
Focus on me/

Got the whole package,
everything is complete/

Watch me burn the track
everything that you play it

And Ima make you (say it)





Sparkle D. Motion Chicago, Illinois

Sparkle Motion (a-k-a Sparkle D. Motion) will be releasing a reprise of her 2009 mixtape in the Summer of 2017 and followup EP Fall of 2017. In the meantime, enjoy this present music and standby for action.

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