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Orignial music by Dom Kennedy from album "From the Westside with Love II"
Lyrics by Sparkle Motion


He took my heart,
and that's the reason I can't give it to ya
I know I sent ya off,
swear I didn't mean to do it to ya/

He's like a game of Chess
and he likes to put me to the test/
'Cause he's the Saint of Bad Examples
and it's making me a wreck, see.../

My people say "Leave he alone",
but everything I pick up the phone
it's my voice in his dome
I'm begging him to come home/

I get so frustrated,
and yet I stay overly elated/
I know he's up to no good,
watch him booking every Pretty Young Thing
in the neighborhood/

Got a whole lotta game to him,
and a little bit of fame to him...

I like the way that you glow
and everywhere we go, people
they know you/

I ain't tryna be a hater,
but why you gotta be a player?/
'Cause I put in a lotta work see,
so do you really have to jerk me?/

I tell you what...
Bring the drinks/
And bring the longstroke witcha/
Yeah we gone get it in,
and honey you know I could never quit cha/

'Cause I care a whole lot...
Maybe a little too much/

'Cause you're my angel- oh yeah
You're my angel- oh yeah/
But, baby, you're the Saint of Everything Wrong
I tell you, you're the Saint of Everything Wrong/

Boy, you're my angel- oh yeah
You're my angel- oh yeah





Sparkle Motion Chicago, Illinois

Sparkle Motion (a-k-a Sparkle D. Motion) is a human being. She sings, makes art and drafts proposals in her spare and main times. Her favorite dishes are Shrimp & Lobster Sauce ( no MSG pls) and tamago. She is currently seeking a producer capable of creating sounds with electronica intent - inquire within... ... more

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